Rack Room Shoes Hours: Opening, Closing & Holiday

Rack Room Shoes is the biggest and most famous footwear retailer in the USA and is known for its diverse selection of shoes for women, men, and children. Rack Room Shoes stores are located across the United States.

Rack Room Shoes operates its stores in shopping malls, shopping centers, and standalone locations in cities. You can easily find Rack Room shoe stores in both small and metropolitan cities.

Rack Room Shoes offers a wide range of footwear such as casual shoes, sandals, athletic shoes, slippers, and much more. They are the best go-to destination for those people and families who are searching for comfortable and stylish footwear for any occasion.

Rack room shoes hours

If you are worried about when your local Rack Room Shoes opens its doors or if you are curious “Will Rack Room Shoes keep its door open late during holidays? In this article, you will get answers to all these questions.

Standard Rack Room Shoes Store Hours

Typically many of the  Rack Room Shoes stores follow a standard operating time across the country such as:

  • Rack Room Shoe stores open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Saturday
  • On Sunday Stores open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Note: Some locations show slight variations in opening and closing time

Hours for rack room shoes during holidays

Rack Room Shoes adjust their operating hours in major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other festivals. It is best to check their opening and closing times on the official website of Rack Room Shoes.

Find Your Local Rack Room Shoes Store’s Hours:

There is a slight difference in the opening and closing of Rack Room shoe stores across the country. To find the exact time, just visit the official website of Rack Room Shoes https://www.rackroomshoes.com/ and enter the zip code of your city. It will show you the exact opening and closing times of the store.

You can also find out all this information by typing “Rack Room Shoes near me” in Google.

Shop Online 24/7 from the Rack Room Shoes

If the physical stores of Rack Room Shoes are closed or even open you can buy any type of footwear online from them through their official website. You can buy from them throughout the year both on holidays and opening days.

Visit this website https://www.rackroomshoes.com/ which is open 24/7 and search your desired shoes in the search bar and lots of brands of shoes will pop up for you. Select the one that you like and add it to the cart.

Customer Service support hours

If you have any questions or queries, you can ask the customer service support team of Rack Room Shoes. They have specific hours for calls, online chats, and emails.

 If you follow all of the above tips then there will be no difficulty in the opening and closing time of Rack Room Shoes.


Rack Room Shoes are renowned footwear retailer in the USA which was founded in 1992. The stores of Rack Room Shoes are available across the country. Typically the stores are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

There is slight variation in the opening and closing time during holidays but fortunately, Rack Room Shoes sell online 24/7 throughout the year.

Just visit the official website and buy your desired shoes with one single click and save your time as well as money. Online shopping will get you from the Rack Room hours confusion.

Is Rack Room Shoes a real company?

Yes, Rack Room Shoes is a real retail footwear company famous for its diverse footwear collection. They have shoes for men, women, and children. It sources shoes from various popular brands at reasonable prices.

Can you exchange old shoes?

No, Rack Room Shoes doesn’t exchange old shoes. Their return policy only applies to unworn merchandise within 60 days of purchase.

Does Rack Room have free shipping?

Yes, Rack Room Shoes provides free shipping in certain situations such as:
You will qualify for free shipping when you sign up for the free rewards program
It offers free shipping when you order above $65
It offers free shipping during special events.

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